The True Beauty Signature Brow Service is a must have!  Your brows can make a huge impact on your look.  They are one of the first things people see when they look at your face.  Let us show you how to create the best brow shape to flatter your individual facial features.  Clients praise time after time "My brows have never looked better!"  Our brow services truly stand out from the rest. 

Don't waste your time getting a quick brow service somewhere else, and then regret it.  We will spend the time needed to get your brows in their most perfect state. You will never be rushed through a True Beauty Signature Brow Service... we allow up to 30 minutes for brow perfection (double what most salons will spend on you). 

True Beauty Signature Brow Service

Your service begins with a full brow consultation.  Your face will be measured to determine exactly which brow shape will best enhance your features.  You will have a chance to look at your recommended brow shape before any hair is removed... no surprises!  Prior to waxing, your skin will be protected with a special product that minimizes irritation.  We will wax, tweeze, and trim your brows to perfection.  Following hair removal, you will learn how to make your brows stand out!  We will guide you through the best techniques to keep your brows looking great.  Learn what products work best for your brows, and most importantly, learn exactly how to use these products for your shape! 

Signature Brow Wax..........$30 (Recommended every 3-6 weeks depending on your growth)

Ask for a High Frequency Treatment with your brow service. High Frequency kills bacteria and minimizes post-waxing breakouts. 


 True Beauty Signature Brow Products

We want you to be able to maintain the beauty of your brows each and every day!  We have partnered with a leading cosmetics manufacturer to bring you our own signature line of brow products! 

  • Customized Brow Powder Duo Compact
  • Water Resistant Brow Pen
  • Brow Pencil
  • Tinted Brow Gel
  • Clear Brow Gel
  • Dual Ended Brow Brush